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CAPTAIN AHAB snakes on the brain cd

by Captain Ahab

$3.00 / Sold Out

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Captain Ahab was recently announced the winner of Tagworld’s Snakes on a Plane soundtrack contest. This cd features the winning song, “Snakes on the Brain” plus a world of more!
Captain Ahab has been easily corrupted by fame, and now has gone completely rap-rock. So say goodbye to the days of upbeat anthem techno, and say hello to monumental epic screaming, riffs Riffs and more RIFFS, and the ugly looks to match. And to those of you saying this is all a high-art scam ala Mike Patton or Andrew W.K., you will eventually eat your words as this joke never ends.
The cd will feature not only “Snakes on the Brain” but also “Covered in Monkeys” (feat Rose For Bohdan), 2 unreleased tracks, remixes by Tik///Tik, and The Stomach Aches, and a kit to make your own “Snake on the Brain” remix! Best of all, the cd includes a music video for “Snakes on the Brain” by Lawrence Klein!! Larry made sure to fill this video with booty shakers, snakes, preposterous dancing, and everything amazing/filthy about making the big time!
To top things off, this cd also features the music video for “U Want Me”, the hit ballad from Captain Ahab’s latest full length, After the Rain My Heart Still Dreams. Made by Lawrence Klein as well, this video features tons of blood, true love, a lesbian make-out scene, a dove, and a sledgehammer.

QUICKTIME VIDEO: Snakes On The Brain

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