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CAPTAIN AHAB the end of irony collection

by Captain Ahab


Captain Ahab's final album, 'The End of Irony', was released in 4 parts. The 'Blue' editions (a cd and double vinyl on Deathbomb Arc) and the 'Red' editions (a cd and vinyl on Dualplover). All 4 versions contained almost entirely different tracks. So between 2 cds and 3 pieces of vinyl, it was essentially a 5 disc album. Normally adding all of these versions to your music collection would be quite costly. This deal is designed to help make sure it is affordable for you to hear it all though. For just $20 you get both cds, the 'Red' vinyl and the 'Blue' double vinyl. Don't miss out though, limited to 10 customers.

If you live outside the US and are ordering more than one item, please email us at brian@kinsmanandmeng.com before placing your order so that we can arrange for the most affordable shipping price possible.