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by Captain Ahab , clipping. , and True Neutral Crew ,


The return of the clipping. superfan collection!

Love clipping.? Ready to dive deeper into each members' extended catalog of releases? We got you covered!

You get:
- 2 different Captain Ahab CDs, The End of Irony & Snakes on The Brain (ft Jonathan Snipes)
- True Neutral Crew 'soft rules' 2xCD (ft Daveed Diggs)
- Jonathan Snipes' score to the film 'Excess Flesh' on CD
- 'Digitial Singles Club Year 1' download code, featuring Rale (aka William Hutson) and two early clipping. tracks.
- 2 clipping. stickers.

Normally this would run $41, but grouped together grab them for an insane $19!!!

Limited to 5 (1 remaining)