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by clipping. , Signor Benedick The Moor , and True Neutral Crew ,

$23.00 / On Sale

Love clipping.? Already got everything they've ever released? Is it time to go deeper? There are tons upon tons of other musical projects clipping. members have done. Here is a discounted pack including one from each clipping. member. Normally these would cost $33, now priced for just $23.

You get:
Jonathan Snipes 'Excess Flesh OST' CD
True Neutral Crew 'soft rules' 2xCD (feat. Daveed Diggs & frequent clipping. collaborator Signor Benedick The Moor)
DIALER 'CDr' cassette (feat. William Hutson)

Plus we'll throw in download cards for three Captain Ahab albums, Jonathan Snipes' old band!

Limited to ten packs. [2 remaining]

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