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by Captain Ahab , clipping. , Signor Benedick The Moor , and True Neutral Crew ,

$10.00 / On Sale

One of the most frequent requests we get is to bring back our 10 for 10 CD blowout sales. So we've worked some things out and found a way to make this bundle available beyond the confines of a quick sale! This is an amazing way to quickly fill your music collection with the sounds of Deathbomb Arc, stock up on gifts for friends, or both!

In this bundle you get:

Jonathan Snipes 'Excess Flesh OST' (member of clipping.)
Ed Balloon 'No Smoking'
Signor Benedick The Moor 'El Negro'
Captain Ahab 'The End of Irony' (member of clipping.)
Captain Ahab 'Snakes on the Brain'
Captain Ahab 'The Sex Is Next'
Books on Tape 'Throw Down Your Laptops' (otherwise sold out)
Child Pornography 'The Beatles' (otherwise sold out!)*
Rose For Bohdan 'Then Everybody Hugged, "Racism Is God"'*
v/a 'Why Is Anything Forbidden: Cash Money Tribute'*

plus, we'll throw in download codes for True Neutral Crew 'soft rules', Signor Benedick The Moor 'sbthemoor' and the Deathbomb Arc Digital Singles Club Year 1 (including Death Grips & clipping.)!!

Normally this would cost $69 and now is just $10! Plus the Child Pornography and Books On Tape CDs are not even available outside of this bundle!!

* These CDs come in new packaging, different than as originally released.

Limited to 30 customers. After 30 the contents of this bundle will change. (5 remaining)