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by Captain Ahab , Gang Wizard , Miguel Mendez , and rRope ,

$30.00 / Sold Out

LIMITED TO 5 BUNDLES (1 remaining)

Grab 6 Deathbomb Arc vinyl releases at an amazing discount!

You get:
-Captain Ahab (member of clipping.) 'The End of Irony' 2xLP
-Captain Ahab / Copy split 12"
-Miguel Mendez 'Love Is For The Rich' 12"
-rRopes 'We Are You There' 3xLP
-Lowfills 'blind sounds & s/t'' 12"
-Gang Wizard 'god-time-Man universal continuum calibration disc' 12"

Normally these would go for $67, but here in this bundle you save over 50%!!

NOTE: Weight of these items is quite heavy, so international postage is higher than usual)