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DIALER 'cdr' cassette

by clipping. and True Neutral Crew



Full color covers, hand made gold/black/white swirl cassettes.

The American punk and noise underground was, of course, intensely reactive to the Patriotic Act conservatism that followed 9/11. As freedoms of expression were suddenly being attacked by those suddenly in the grip of irrational fear, many artists just as quickly lashed back. Broad strokes of monstrosity, rawness, and nsfw level protest proliferated the basements, warehouses, and scum bag galleries of the nation - yielding some of the most extreme experimentalism in DIY music in ages. Acts such as Yellow Swans, Wolf Eyes, AIDS Wolf, Lightning Bolt, Fat Worm of Error, and tons more all made big waves. Harsh noise because amazingly common. In combination with the ease of music distribution thanks to the CDr, these surprising and uncompromised sounds were everywhere and for everyone. True fucking freedom.

DIALER, a new duo from William Hutson of clipping. (Sub Pop) and Brian Kinsman of True Neutral Crew, is an homage to this amazing era. Their debut release is entitled 'CDr', but it is available only on cassette and digital. Deal with it.

Guest vocals from They Hate Change, giving this otherwise super OUT noise release a little taste of hip hop.