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by clipping. and Signor Benedick The Moor

$40.00 / Sold Out

Our experimental hip hop pack is back, and this is the biggest one we've ever done. Includes some true rarities and gets you over a 50% savings!

Limited to just 6 customers!! (1 remaining)

You get:
- True Neutral Crew 'soft rules' 2xCD (ft Daveed Diggs)
- Death Grips 'Live From Death Valley' cassette
- BLKHRTS 'dead drops vol 1' heart-shaped 12" (otherwise sold out)
- JPEGMAFIA x Freaky 'The 2nd Amendment'
- KA5SH 's/t' cassette
- Signor Benedick The Moor 'El Negro' CD
- Copy / Captain Ahab (mem clipping) split 12"
- Hareld 'new age baby faced wisdom' cassette
- 2 clipping. stickers
- Signor Benedick The Moor 'sbthemoor' download code
- Deathbomb Digital Singles Club Year One (ft clipping.) download code

This is $89 worth of items for just $40!!! Over 50% off! Don't sleep!