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FAIRHORNS satan replicant cassette

Image of FAIRHORNS satan replicant cassette




Matt Loveridge is a secret weapon. Recruited by Geoff Barrow (Portishead) as a founding member of both Beak> and Anika's original backing band, and most recently brought in as a 5th member of the drum corp, Foot Village. Matt's completely uninhibited performance style, combined with his truly savant level musicianship, has brought huge waves of creative renewal to the work of others. He has that unnamable spark. So when Matt goes rogue as Fairhorns, it is, as they say, "On another level."

With the latest Fairhorn album, 'Satan Replicant' (cassette on Deathbomb Arc this May), this is no exception. The follow-up to 2012's 'Doki Doki Run' (on Invada), Matt dives in two directions at once. Deep, gritty, subterranean burners that also soar high above thanks to some truly (gasp) late 90s emo inspired vocal hooks. On "Nodens", a staple of the Fairhorns live shows, a beautiful bit-crunched melody is given over to a sludge metal relentless repetition. While Matt's work in Beak> shows its krautrock cards clearly, this sort of influence creates a more mysterious sound here. These are not genre exercises. This is Matt Loveridges unique statement to the world after many years of helping others with their own.

Fairhorns has performed at All Tomorrows Parties in London, Mo'Fo' Fest in Paris, and toured much of the UK and Europe.

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