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HOUSE 1 AND 2 worse kept secret in los angeles: you can buy heroin on bonnie brae, just off of alvar

by Brian Miller , Child Pornography , and Rose For Bohdan ,

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barf12 (on Barf Records)

this cassette collects all the recordings from the short lived LA supergroup House 1 and 2. Featuring Paloma of The Sharp Ease on bass and vocals, and Erin of Child Pornography/High Castle and Brian of Foot Village/Gang Wizard/Rose For Bohdan both on drums/vocals. The dual drum work was a definite precursor for Foot Village, although this band was far more "punk".

1. Peanut Butter and Jelly
2. Die
3. You Look Like You

1. 3 Narrators
2. Alien Resurrection

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