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KA5SH 'ka5sh' cassette

by KA5SH

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Some great art magically takes our complex world and makes it all seem so simple. Other great art captures this complexities magnificence. In the era of social media, simplicity reigns supreme, but beware of calling it shallow. For the old, memes may seem just a form of humor, but to the young they are an entire culture. Ka5sh is one of this culture’s most loved creators, recently challenging many people’s preconceived notions of art by bringing memes to the gallery world with huge success. His brand of pragmatic absurdism, combined with one of the most charming and approachable personalities on the internet, makes Ka5sh an understandable star. But all of this is besides the point, because Ka5sh is actually a rapper and his new self-titled ep has created anthems for this culture he knows so well. Anthems for the many young people living in a reality that the old are completely oblivious to. The stand out from the ep is “I’m Depressed”, which in perfect meme fashion centers around a magical simplicity. Ka5sh’s loving proclamation that he is, indeed, depressed, combined with Yung Skrrt’s dead-on blown-out melodic production, gives solidarity to an entire generation feeling simultaneously hopeless yet hyped as fuck. It may be hard for older generations to understand, but Ka5sh is more important than the future. He is the now.

Pro-dubbed cassettes with full color artwork, limited to 50 copies.