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LUCI 'church of the white devil, vol 1' cassette

$7.00 / Sold Out

OUR WEBSTORE HAS MOVED!!! PLEASE PURCHASE THIS ITEM HERE INSTEAD: https://deathbombarc.myshopify.com/collections/hip-hop/products/luci-church-of-the-white-devil-vol-1-cassette


We're very excited to announce that LUCI's debut mixtape will be coming to Deathbomb Arc as a cassette this fall. Rapper, producer, performance artist, etc etc - LUCI is for those that love daring directions in art. In other words, for people just like us.

Limited edition cassette - only 50 being made. (19 remaining)
3 copies available signed by the artist. (0 remaining)

Luci’s debut mixtape, “Church of the white devil, vol. i”, is an experimental hip-hop stream of consciousness in whose waters are a deep sludge of liquified cultural reference, self-aware gallows humor, pulp sci-fi fantasy, bafflingly queer sexuality, and somehow the earnest heart of a romantic. All this is tightly packaged into rhyme schemes that flow with Luci's quick-change sprints through a love of all things hip-hop, electronic, pop, symphony, and punk, and built on meticulously crafted sound-design. In “Church of the white devil, vol. i” lives no subtlety, but rather an ecstatic outburst which thumps, grinds, drills, and dances toward the stage for an equally wild performance.