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various artists DEATHBOMB ARC TAPE CLUB YEAR 4 split cassettes

$6.00 / On Sale


Overstock of cassettes from the Deathbomb Arc Tape Club Year 4. Select which tape you want from these options:

Lucky Dragons' "Fear Melody" is, of course, pure magic. Whitman's "I Had A Dream" is pure physical. For body and mind.

A++ is Grace from Foot Village and friend Scarlett doing a variation on the acoustic punk approach. This time with just drums, trumpet and voice. Monsturo is patient and brooding drone for the blastminded.

Teeth Mountain, well known for being an integral part of Dan Deacon's "backing band" truly shine in their natural form of epic electro-acoustic jammers. GDFX is solo work from a Teeth Mountain member, and explores beats even further through the drummachine realms.

This split cassette between Jason Forrest and Hawnay Troof shows both dancefloor acts defying expectation. HT delivers a beyond no-wave rendition of Guns N Roses' "November Rain" while JF goes totally avant-garde.

Deathbomb favorites Slicing Grandpa are heavy, dark as fuck, and stranger than all getup without being wacky. John Thill (Shrimper) is more personality, charm, and wisdom than any lofi songwriter I've ever heard. This tape is pure gold.

Heads up, since these tapes were originally part of a box set, these extra copies being sold separately do not have artwork or cases. They do have labels affixed to them though.

If you live outside the US and are ordering more than one item, please email us at brian@kinsmanandmeng.com before placing your order so that we can arrange for the most affordable shipping price possible.